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6 Things to Know Before Choosing a Storage Facility.

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6 Things to Know Before Choosing a Storage Facility.

6 Things to Know Before Choosing a Storage Facility.


Storage facility becomes a pressing need when you have nowhere to keep your precious belongings before you move them to a new place. Majority of the people who need storage facilities are the people who have just sold their home; such people need somewhere safe to keep their belongings prior to the time they buy a new home.

Whatever could be your reason for wanting a storage facility, there are some things you need to know before you choose a storage facility.

  • Be Specific About What You Want To Store

It is important you choose a storage unit that is suitable for your storage needs.
Make a list of everything you want to store and use this list to choose the most suitable storage unit.

  • Do Your Homework

Try to know more about a storage facility before you choose them.
You can do this by:
a. Reading about them and checking their reviews online,
b. Asking about their services from people who have worked with them in the past or from people currently using their storage unit(s),
c. Paying them a visit to see things yourself and get first-hand information.

  • Do You Need a Climate Controlled Unit

Changes in climate conditions can adversely affect some type of belongings; therefore, you need to get a climate controlled storage unit if you possess such belongings. For example, in dry climates, antique furniture could crack. To avoid events like this, you must choose a storage facility that can maintain a consistent temperature all year round. However, you have to bear it in mind that climate controlled storage units are more expensive.

  • Size and Design of Storage Unit

Try to know the exact size of storage unit you need before you rent one. The larger the size of a storage unit, the more it will cost per month. You will end up paying for space you don’t need if you rent a storage unit that is too big for your storage needs. Also, some storage units are wide with small vertical space while some are narrow with a lot of vertical space, so you may need to consider size and design before you make your choice.

  • Security

The reason you want to store your belongings is that you want to keep them safe, so it will be foolish to choose a storage facility that cannot keep your things safe for as long as you want. Be sure they have security measures in places such as security guards, security fencing, video surveillance, individual security locks, and fire prevention.

  • Location

If you will need regular or quick access to your things, then you have to consider choosing a storage facility that is close to you. If you don’t need to check your things regularly, then you can choose a storage facility that is quite far from you. Storage facilities in the heart of the city are more expensive, so you have to know how regular your visit to the Storage facility will be before you make your choice.

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