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8 Steps to a Successful Apartment Move

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8 Steps to a Successful Apartment Move

8 Steps to a Successful Apartment Move

Apartment move can be stressful and overwhelming. Even if you have moved to many apartments in your lifetime and you think you have the experience that will make your next move easy, you may encounter some problems if you do not follow the right steps. For people who are quite new to apartment move, moving may look like a really daunting task.

Below are some steps to ensure a successful apartment move for people who have moved to a new home many times and those who know nothing about apartment move.

1. Read And Re-Read Your Lease
Reading your lease is the first step you need to take once you have decided to move. Inform your landlord months before your move. Also, read about how damages are handled, read about cleaning fees, and read about the return of your security deposit.

2. Procure Packing Materials
Packing materials help you ensure the proper packing of your belongings. They also help you make sure you know where everything is packed, which aids better handling of your things and makes it easy to unpack or locate your belongings when you get to your new apartment. There are two ways to procure packing materials: You can buy them or you can get them for free from friends, family and even from your office. Packing materials include boxes in various sizes, box cutters, permanent marker, packing tape and packing paper.

3. Pack Early
It is good to start parking soon after you have made the decision to move to a new apartment. Apart from making your move a lot more easier, packing early helps you know the belongings you will like to move to your new home and those you can sell, donate, or trash. It is not advisable to start parking when your moving date is very close.

4. Pack The Right Way
Packing should not be done anyhow; it should be done the right way. Below are some tips on how to pack your belongings the right way:

  • Pack plates vertically
  • Label your boxes
  • Take the picture before you disconnect or disassemble anything, so you will know how to reconnect or assemble them in your new apartment.
  • Use bigger boxes for items that are not heavy
  • Make sure your belongings are arranged in boxes in such a way that they will not get damaged in transit.
  • Cover open toiletries and food with saran wrap under the lid.

5. Hire A Professional Mover
Hiring a professional mover is the best way to really reduce house moving stress. Since they have the right manpower, skills, and equipment, they will make sure your belongings are effectively and efficiently moved.

6. Transfer Your Accounts
Do not forget to transfer your utilities to your new apartment and make sure you update your credit card billing address, driver’s license, and car registration.

7. Take Pictures
Take the pictures of your old apartment before you move out and the picture of your new apartment before you move in. These pictures will help you solve any issue that may come up with your old and new landlords.

8. Hire a domestic cleaner to clean your new apartment
When you’re holding the keys for the first time, your new apartment will never be easier to clean. You can hire a local cleaner service to clean your new apartment.

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