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Driver Help And Frequently Asked Questions

A: To learn more about becoming a MoveItNow driver click here or if you want to apply now click here.

A: MoveItNow drivers earn between $27.50 – $105.60 per hour depending on the type of vehicle they own. Drivers can also earn tips from customers for a job well done. Apply now.

A: After you apply to become a driver we will review your application and email you with the next steps. Your account will remain blocked until you complete the entire on-boarding process.

A: First, apply online through the website or driver app. Second, provide any further information by email if required. Third, complete a background check and document verification.

A: Yes. If you are currently not registered, we will email you all the necessary information.

A: Our insurance requires that all vehicles are year 2003 or newer.

A: It usually takes 3-5 days after you complete a delivery before the money is transferred into your account. If you are missing a payment click here.

A: All payments will be sent through our third party payment gateway Stripe deposited directly into your account. For further information click here.

A: This means that another driver has accepted the booking request. When a new request comes in it is sent to the entire team of drivers. The first person to accept the request will get the project.

A: Inclement weather, extremely heavy freight, and unsafe loading environments can sometimes occur. We encourage you to communicate that with the customer and try to get them to reschedule. Most customers will understand that it is in everyone’s best interest to keep all people and items safe and will work with you and MoveItNow’s customer service to reschedule for another time.

A: This may be an issue with your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). Try opening this link in a new browser or in a different window in the same browser. You can also try clearing your Cache in browser. If your problem persists or you see a list of vehicles but don’t see your truck or van listed you can enter your Make and Model in Other under Vehicle Information. Alternatively, you can contact us.

A: The Driver App is compatible with a 12 hour clock only. If you are using a 24 hour clock please edit your settings and change to a 12 hour clock.

A: MoveItNow’s professional drivers are independent contractors and are able to work when they want. The number of bookings that you can get from MoveItNow will vary based on your location, vehicle type, and availability. It should initially be considered a part time opportunity until you are confident of the work flow.

A: Before you can join MoveItNow you must pass a background check. Independent Professional Drivers are responsible for the costs of the background check which is $95, payable directly to People Check. Further details will be emailed to you after completing your initial application. The information gathered is strictly confidential and you are protected under our Privacy Policy. This fee is non refundable.

A: Yes, you can be removed from the platform for violating our terms of service. Violations include but are not limited to: stealing, manipulating the price, multiple poor reviews from customers, multiple job cancellations without good cause, regularly being late to bookings, providing false information, recklessly damaging a customers item, knowingly transporting illegal or prohibited items. Read more here.

A: You must carry valid vehicle, public liability and goods in transit insurance. MoveItNow can assist you in obtaining your own insurance at a discounted rate through our Driver Perks Program.

A: Yes. If a claim is filed against you with MoveItNow’s insurance provider or MoveItNow is otherwise required to pay for damages caused by you, in MoveItNow’s sole discretion, MoveItNow may charge you any or all of the deductible or other out-of-pocket expenses MoveItNow is required to pay as a result of that claim. The current deductible is $1,000.00.

A: You can contact us by clicking here. Or click the chat button on the bottom right of the screen or through the app.

A: A full list of locations can be found at the bottom of our Home Page. We are always working on expanding, please apply here and we will notify you when we launch in your city.

A: You can change your password through the app (click on Forgot Password?)

A: It typically takes 1-3 days to complete the background check once you have submitted your information to our background check partner People Check.

A: Sometimes we have to send booking requests manually if the customer made a change to the date/time/vehicle type. When we send manual emails they will include more details about the booking. You can reply to the email to accept these bookings. Automated emails that are generated when a new booking comes in do not include details. You will need to log into the app to accept these requests.

A: Yes, you can receive requests for your vehicle type and smaller vehicles. You can adjust your vehicle choices by editing your Vehicle Details through the Driver app. Similarly, if you have a truck you can also receive requests for vans. However, if you have a small truck or van you will not be able to receive requests for large trucks or vans.

A. If a MoveItNow driver accepts a booking and cancels or does not complete the delivery as scheduled, MoveItNow may at its discretion impose penalties that include: (a) temporary suspension of your MoveItNow account; (b) monetary fines not to exceed $50; (c) permanent deactivation of your MoveItNow account. The first cancellation will be free.

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(Scheduled for release: October 2019)