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To-Do List Before Moving Out of Your Apartment

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To-Do List Before Moving Out of Your Apartment

To-Do List Before Moving Out of Your Apartment


For most people, moving out of an apartment into a new apartment comes with a feeling of excitement. Even if you have been living in an apartment for many, many years; there will always be something to look forward to in the new apartment you intend to move into – new neighbors, new neighborhood, new experience.

Moving to a new apartment can be a bitter-sweet experience; it does not matter if you have done it much time. To make your relocation as hitch-free as possible, there are procedures or to-do list you need to follow. Failure to follow these procedures could make your moving experience more bitter than sweet.

Things you need to do before moving out of an apartment:

  • Inform your Landlord

If you are living in a rented apartment, you have to inform your landlord of your intent to move and the date you intend to move out of his house. Also, you must review your lease and note all the things you need to do before you move out.

  • Make a Plan

Any endeavor with a plan has a higher possibility of success than the one without a plan. Making a plan for moving out of an apartment involves the WHO, WHEN, WHERE and WHAT.
a. Make a decision on who will move your things for you: You may decide to move by yourself and family, or you may hire a professional moving company.

b. If you decide to hire a moving company, book them weeks or months in advance. Also, before you hire a moving company, do your homework about them to make your properties will be in good hands.

c. If you decide to move by yourself, get all the things you need ready. You may need to reserve a truck and hire some moving equipment. Also, you have to think of the best way to disassemble and move your things without damaging them or harming yourself.

  • Submit your New Address

Notify your post office, Credit Card Company, utility companies, banks and everyone that you need to inform. I am sure you know why this is important.

  • Pack and Label

Do not wait till the last minute before you start packing your things. When you pack, label the boxes and arrange them. Labeling the boxes will help you avoid damage to fragile items, it will help you when you are unpacking, and it will help you easily find everything.

  • Repair and Clean

If you want your deposit back, then you have to leave the apartment in a very good condition. The following are some things you must do:

1.Repair or replace everything that is damaged.
2.Remove nails, screws and everything you fixed on the walls and fill with putty.
3.Vacuum, dust, and mop all rooms.
4.Remove all stains.
5.Remove and clean out everything that was not in the apartment when you moved in.
6.Paint the rooms if you can.

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